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Switzerland at the frontier of the digitization of financial assets

At the World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos, the Home of team organized a high-profile panel discussion with reknown experts from the finance industry and talked about the digitization of financial assets and the role of Switzerland.

Together with Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank) David Newns (SIX Digital Exchange), Lucas Bruggeman (BX Swiss), Massimo Morini (Algorand), Pascal Egloff (Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences), Thomas Eichenberger (Sygnum), Adrian Schatzmann (Asset Management Association), Oliver Sigrist (BIS Innovation Hub), Jacques Iffland (CMTA) und Alexander E. Brunner (Home of, we explored how blockchain as a financial infrastructure can make traditional assets from FIAT currencies to equities and bonds more efficient and “smarter”. Furthermore we showcased Swiss blockchain pilot projects, discussed types of stablecoins including pros & cons and compared retail and wholesale CBDCs.

This event demonstrated how innovative and future-oriented the Swiss National Bank is on its way with numerous pioneering projects, as well as the CMTA, the two stock exchanges BX Swiss and SIX Digital Exchange, and the financial players.

The digitization of financial assets in Switzerland is real and supported by the traditional financial ecosystem. The blockchain technology is a rapidly evolving financial infrastructure that promises more efficieny.

We thank everyone who helped us make this event possible - especially the House of Switzerland-Team (Presence Switzerland) and all speakers and panelists!

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