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Innovation Tour Point Zero Forum 
Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Blockchain & AI:
Responsible Innovation at the Intersection of Business & Society.
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Home of is official community partner of the Point Zero Forum 2023 which is a Policy-Technology dialogue. This event is endorsed by the Singaporean and Swiss governments. 

We have prepared a highly exciting line-up of industry experts and representatives from the government, the industry, academia, and the startup ecosystem.


On 28.06.2023 we hosted cutting-edge conversations that highlight Switzerland’s “Responsible Innovation” approach.

📍 Location: Trust Square Seefeld - Bellerivestrasse 201, 8008 Zürich

Read more about the Point Zero Forum and its relevance in this release.

GBBC - Global Blockchain Business Council & Home of Blockchain  
Discussion with Leaders in Digital Innovation 

8:30 am                   Welcome and Introduction by

                                Sandra Ro, CEO Global Blockchain Business Council, GBBC.

                                Alexander Brunner, President, Home of Blockchain.

8:40 – 9:00 am        Fireside Chat - CEO Algorand Foundation, Staci Warden,

                                Moderator: Dimitrios Psarrakis, Co-founder and President,

                                The Brussels Council of Technology and International Development

9:10 – 9:50 am       “Swiss Leadership in Global Digital Innovation” 

                                Carmen Hett, Corporate Treasurer, (UNHCR)

                                United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

                                Catrina Luchsinger Gaehwiler, Partner, MLL Legal

                                Dr. Thomas Moser, Alternate Member of the Governing Board,

                                Swiss National Bank.

                                Moderator: Alexander Brunner, President Home of Blockchain.

9:50 – 10:00 am     Break

10:00 – 10:20 am   Fireside Chat -CEO Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard

                         Moderator: Amanda Wick, Founder and CEO,

                               The Association for Women in Cryptocurrency; Principal, Incite Consulting. 

10:20 – 10:30 am   Break

10:30 – 11:10 am  “Building Next Generation Market Infrastructure”

                               Georg Schneider, Head of Financial Engineering, Digital Asset.

                               J. Gdanski, Founder and CEO, Evertas

                               Moderator: Sandra Ro, CEO Global Blockchain Business Council, GBBC.


🌐 Creating a framework for Responsible AI Innovation 🌐 (see speakers) 

AI has emerged as a disruptive and transformative technology, revolutionizing

industries and shaping our future. To explore its immense potential while ensuring

ethical practices, we are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event, where we

delve into the three panels on AI advancement:

1️⃣ AI as a Disruptive and Transformative Technology:

Discover how AI is reshaping industries and propelling us into the future.

Explore groundbreaking advancements, from machine learning to natural language

processing, that are driving innovation across various sectors. Prepare to be amazed by the power of AI to transform our world.

2️⃣ Real Innovative AI Use Cases:

Witness firsthand the practical applications of AI that are revolutionizing businesses and everyday life.

Our event will showcase real-world use cases that demonstrate the tangible impact of AI-driven solutions, and could there be a future for AI, Blockchain and Finance? Prepare to be inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead.

3️⃣ Policies and the Future of AI:

Discuss the crucial role of policies in shaping the future of AI. Engage in thought-provoking conversations about the ethical considerations,

regulatory frameworks, and responsible practices required to harness the full potential of AI while ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Join us in shaping the AI landscape of tomorrow.
📅 Date: 28 June, 2023

🕒 Time: 13:00 -16:30
📍 Location: Trust Square Seefeld - Bellerivestrasse 201, 8008 Zürich

Join to connect with industry experts, thought leaders, academics, and AI enthusiasts. We have an incredible lineup of speakers, and networking opportunities. Get insights directly from:  Courtney BowmanPhilipp ZahnRaphael von ThiessenLinda LourieIota - Kaousar NassrAyisha PiottiBoris InderbitzinJulien Weissenberg, Tal Kachman, Ph.D, Andreas BlumStephanie K. WickihalderMassimo MoriniTanvi SinghAlexander F.E. SeggermanPaola Valencia,  Alexander E. Brunner

Digital Assets Forum


Custody: The missing link for digital assets adoption?

Point Zero Forum side event by:

Swiss Bankers Association,

Asset Management Association,

The Capital Markets and Technology Association 

& Home of


Wednesday, 28th of June 2023


Trust Square Seefeld, 

Bellerivestrasse 201, 8008 Zürich 

5th & 6th floors



17:00 Doors open (6thFloor )

17:30 Welcome, Introduction and short presentation of the

“Swiss Digital Assets Custody” report by the presenting partners. (5th Floor)

Andrea Aerni, Policy Advisor Digital Finance, SBA

Lorenz Arnet, Senior Business Counsel, AMAS

Alexander Brunner, Report Author & President, Home of

Jacques Iffland, Chairman, CMTA

17:45 Panel Discussion on Digital Assets Custody in Switzerland

Victor Busson, CMO, Taurus

Alexandre Kech, Head of Business Digital Securities, SDX

Katrin Koller, Global Head Advisory, Metaco

Daniel Gorrera, Head Digital Assets Switzerland, Credit Suisse

Moderator: Alexander Brunner, President Home of

18.30pm Fireside chat: MiCA and Switzerland, Opportunities and Chances 

Tina Balzli, Attorney at Law, Partner CMS von Erlach Partners Ltd.

Dimitros Psarrakis, Co-founder and President of the Brussels Council of Technology

and International Development

18:45 Fireside chat: Tokenized Financial Assets is the future of Capital Markets

- but disaster looms!

Ralf Kubli, Board Member, Casper Labs  

Alexander Brunner, President, Home of

19.00pm Compliant Swiss Wallet: A Fusion of Security and Convenience

Michal Pospieszalski, CTO of SwissFortress - Swiss Wallet Solutions

19:15 Discussion, Networking, and Drinks

Custody Report Partners
Global Partners
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Governmental Partners
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Network Partners
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A.I. Panelists

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